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Newborn Session Guide

The first few weeks at home with your newborn can be a bit of a blur! 

This guide will give you the information you need to prepare your family and you home for your upcoming session. 

When should I schedule the session?

Anywhere from 2-4 weeks is best. Factors to consider are mom's recovery and adjusting to life with a new baby in the home. 

Do I have to clean my house?

I'm not expecting your home to look like a page of a magazine. You're home with a new baby. Laundry is piling up and the sink is full of dishes and guess what...that's totally normal. Trust me, I've been there!

All I need is a quick tidy and a vacuum of the rooms we will be using during the session.

What areas of the home will we be using?

Once I arrive, I'll take a quick tour of your home and we'll decide which rooms will work best, based on space and available natural light. If you plan on using the master bedroom, I would suggest having a neutral light coloured blanket or duvet on the bed. 

What should I wear?

Comfort is key. Depending on your style, this could be leggings and a cozy sweater, a flowy dress, or jeans and a neutral coloured T-shirt. The choice is yours. Co-ordinate family members around mom's outfit, and have a back up outfit for each family member in case of unexpected mess. Dress baby in a neutral coloured onesie. 

Bonus Tip! Ensure fingernails are clean, trimmed and free of any chipped nail polish. 

Feel free to text me photos of your outfits if you need some guidance, I'm always happy to help!

I have linked my style guide below for some examples and inspiration. 

My photographic style is lifestyle with a little bit of documentary mixed in. We will still capture some beautiful smiling family portraits, but I will also be looking for those in between moments. Older siblings getting dressed for photos, snack breaks, tickle fights, I'm here for it all.

Consider your session a time capsule of your family as it is now. Beautiful, raw, unapologetically you. 

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